If your top holiday destinations are some tropical areas, then you must be sad about the circumstances that force you to live in some cold northern country. However, the best solution might be to arrange your own tropical garden at home. Some tropical plants have amazing eye-popping flowers, others are popular for their large, unusually patterned, or variegated leaves. Your task is to choose the best ones for your house and do not become a crazy plant-parent because it might be an addiction. Here is a short list of some tropical plants that would be awesome for an indoor garden and do not require too much maintenance.

Peace Lily

This plant with big green leaves and white or yellow blossoms is extremely popular because it is not as hard to grow and maintain as they look, and the blooms last for months. These plants do not like the direct sunlight, as a result, they perfectly fit in darker rooms, corridors, or offices. Do not forget to water them enough and mist frequently, so you could enjoy lovely blossoms for a long time.



The most popular nickname for this plant is ‘umbrella’ because the leaves of schefflera are broad, glossy, and abundant. These huge deep green leaves sometimes can have white, pink, or yellow patterns and they cannot stand the darkness, as a result, if you have a room where is too much sunlight where other plants are dying, then schefflera would be a perfect option. Light, warmth, and humidity are the keys to successfully growing this plant, so do not forget to water it once a week and mist.

Bird of Paradise aka Strelitzia

This plant would be a king of your indoor tropical garden because it has large, distinctive, almost gaudy flowers of bright blue and orange colors. Usually, tropical flowers require a lot of maintenance, but this plant is surprisingly easy to grow. It needs to be fertilized weekly, kept pot-bound, and moisturized enough. The best spot would be a sunny and warm corner with a lot of direct sunlight.

Air Plants

The Air Plants are the easiest tropical plant to grow, so if you are beginner, busy and just usually forget your plants, then this option is best for you. These plants can absorb the humidity from the environment, and they do not like the direct sunshine. Thus, they are perfect green decoration for your bathroom. Usually, Air Plants are just green leaves, but if the conditions are good, they can produce some wild-looking flowers. It might be said that Air Plants are almost ubiquitous as a houseplant, so it is easy to forget that it is alive.


These green, red, yellow, white, purple, and pinky-red plants are very common in Hawaii, so adopt a few of them at your home and have an “aloha” party atmosphere every day. They need a warm, bright draft-free location without any direct sunlight, a well-drained potting mix, and enough moist. Honestly, Cordyline requires some extra attention, but these plants are worth it.