Every flower has a distinct characteristic – its own colour, scent, and form. Combining flowers to create a bouquet has severally been likened to the process of gathering people together for an event or occasion. Some people seamlessly blend together why others won’t just mix no matter how you try. So, if you are looking to create a nice flower bouquet, here are few tips that will help you gather the right picks every time.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

The emotions you are trying to convey with a bouquet depend majorly on the colour of the flowers. Colours are known even by florist experts to give off different emotions. Blue can be used to depict serenity, yellow is known to show off happiness and red is known for excitement. So, when choosing the flowers for your bouquet, it is important you collect flowers that well perfectly convey the mood you need the flower for and reflect the qualities you will be expressed with the bouquet.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

Choose Your Colours Carefully

Flowers like the white rose is known for purity and gives off a feel of tradition, the fluffy blue hydrangeas are usually given off that laid back, relaxed feeling. Another important consideration is the entire décor. Bouquets are usually part of the décor, so when picking your colours, make sure you harmonize the overall colour scheme for the perfect appearance.

Watch Out for Shape and Texture

Another essential factor that affects the characters of flowers is shape and texture. The shape and texture of a flower play a major role in its ability to mix up with other flowers. So, if you are looking to gather different flowers for a mixed bouquet, it is advised to look for better-structured flowers with bolder blossoms as the head flower, then collect soft and more compliant species as supporting flowers.

Follow Your Instincts

When collecting flowers for a bouquet, it is always better to follow your instincts. When trying to express a particular emotion using a bouquet, consider the effect the individual flower has on you. Do the flowers lighten up your mood or do you just feel sober and weak at the sight of a certain flower? Some flowers like the Red zinnias with their small perky petals reels off a feeling of summer, making one feel excited or happy at first sight. When picking your flowers, study the effects they have on you first, from there you can follow your guts and collect the bouquet that gives you the emotions you are looking to express with it.

Watch Out for the Recipient’s Preference

If you are picking a bouquet to gift someone, you should have quality pre-information on the person’s choices in flower or know the colours that make him or her happy, excited or sober depending on the message you are looking to pass across. Note the person’s favourite colour, fragrance and taste in flowers. If it’s someone you are yet to get knows, go for flowers that generally express you intending emotions. You can go for red tulips or red roses for someone who loves red or a sweet garden scent for someone who loves nature.