Succulents are always perfect to give a very nice decorative touch to garden or home. With large stems, succulent leaves and thick roots, they form a very dynamic group of plants offering easy maintenance options for garden lovers who find it hard to be consistent with things. Succulents often come in various color, and you will get the perfect color for your garden. They are trendy plants with succulent stems, roots and the look stunning individually or complimenting other plants. If you want to add beauty to your garden, you should consider planting succulents. A spark of greenery in your room will make it more fresh and lively. Here are some of the best succulents for your home garden.


(Sempervivum tectorum or Echeveria elegant)

The chick and hens plants are a tremendous succulent group of the plant that is perfect for indoor gardening, and they form flat flowerlike rosettes that have curved edges. They are two succulent plants that have the name hens and chicks in common. The two plants produce chicks identical small plants that are slightly different from the hen (their mother). The Echeveria elegant forms flat, flowerlike rosettes having round edges. Sempervivum tectorum also forms in rosettes, but every individual leaf tends to be more pointed and flatter. Their flowering patterns are entirely different. Sempervivum grows pink star-shaped flowers on a plant that is dead after flowering. Usually, the plant has produced a lot of offsets that it does not lose much, just like the translation of Sempervivum means ever living.


(Aloe vera)

Popularly called Aloe vera is a succulent medicinal plant whose sap has been extremely useful to humanity for treating wounds and sunburn for centuries. Apart from the therapeutic value, aloe vera is a perfect indoor and garden plant. Due to the cut, the sharp thorns on the margin of the leaves gives people; the plant will be well positioned if placed where it cant be accidentally fall on or brushed.


(Sansevieria trifasciata)



The snake plant is a fresh succulent that flourishes when showers with attention, but it also grows plan with low maintenance and neglect. Also called the Mother in law’s tong, the snake plant is the most low maintenance plant on the list, it can survive the darkest corners and still look good with just a little pruning. The plant can apparently take a beating. There are some stories about the dead looking plant coming back to life after watering. It grows long, pointed leaves with patterned marking depicting the appearance of a snake.


(Euphorbia milii)

The Crown of thorn is a succulent that originates from Madagascar, a crown of thorns can bloom all year round if they are exposed to enough sunlight. Spoon-shaped, long leaves are seen at the ends of spiky branches with some clusters of tiny flowers. Although the flowers may not be noticeable because they are so small, you will notice the salmon, red or yellow bracts that are around them.


(Crassula ovate)

The jade plant is a garden favorite for a lot of reason; it is easy to grow. The long-lived South African native usually grows thick glossy green leave with tings of red and thick stems.