A patio is an outdoor space primarily used for recreation or dining; it usually adjoins a resident and is typically paved. Patios are also extended to include roofed structures that are quite close to pergola that protects against sun and rain. Getting the perfect plants for Patios could be quite demanding you have to know about the plants; either they are going to need lots of sun and rain. While you are thinking of the best plants, you should also consider about containers as they offer you a great versatility and a better way of experimenting with design and planting. You need to take into consideration where your patio lies and what kind of environment the plants will be in. To cut your stress, here are some of the best plants for your Patios.


Roses are quite lovely when it comes to landscape planting, but a lot of shrub varieties work very well in pots. Newer types are more disease resistant than the old-school roses, so the don’t need to be coddled and sprayed. You can set them out in pretty decorative pots for beautiful focal points on your patio or deck. Try out the At Last or Oso Easy variety.


Nemesia is perky little flowers that last all season on upright stems in lots of bright colors that include pink, purple, cranberry, pale yellow, white and orange. The plant may also flower in the winter or milder climates, but they can as well be considered annual. You can use a vertical accent for the container to ensure their high look on your patio. You could try the Dazzle-Me lilac or Juicy fruits kumquat variety.


Solanum is a family of the eggplant and potato, looking at it flowers will show you how. Break out of your morning-glory rut with something new in the world of vines. The shorter types are perfect for planters, pots and window boxes. The taller species can be grown up to trellises. The bloom colors range from white to deep purple to pale blue. Wide varieties have striking foliage; this makes the plants look perfect when they are not in season. Regardless of the type or range, you choose they would be an excellent decoration to your decks or patios.




The Coral Bells are perennial also referred to as heuchera; it has the frothy flower that arches over mounded foliage during early summer. The coral leaves come in a rainbow of shades from burgundy to peach. They tend to do high in some places like pavement and patios especially if you have voles in your yard. The Dolce Cinnamon Curls or Harvest Burgundy.


In the last decade, the coleus has had an explosion of bright new colors. The coleus id drought tolerant and its type include the trailing, upright, and mounded in too many colors to mention. Another considerable advantage is that their flowers are a big pollinator magnet for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The Trusty Rusty and Redhead are the perfect to try for your Patio.