1. Amaryllis

When it comes to planting gifts, amaryllis is an amazing choice. It is one of those plants that flourish indoors during winter and truly grows in the cold! Typically, amaryllis is offered for sale as a bulb put in a decorative container. The joy of this practice is that you can watch it grow as well as blossom from the outset. Another advantage of the practice is that you can purchase it on the Internet without being worried that it would get damaged when it is delivered to your friend’s home. Also, it is quite easy to grow this plant as it only needs to be provided with a little quantity of water every now and then.

2. Orchids

Is there any human being that finds the delicate flowers of an orchid disgusting? These attractive flowers are rapidly emerging as one of the most widely used potted plants indoors; so, it is an awesome gift idea. Orchids have a graceful and gorgeous appearance and require little maintenance. These traits make them very popular, and they are frequently packaged in a plastic box or a container, making it easy to transport and deliver them. Apart from these, orchids only need to be watered once every week; one can even put them on a windowsill.

3. Lavender



Want to be a bit unique this year with your gift? Lavender could be your perfect answer. These plants are popular for their scent that is both calming and relaxing. Their appearance is pleasantly beautiful, and you can be sure your friend’s home will be invigorated with their lovely fragrance. You can buy this potted plant in a basket or a secured pot for easy transportation. However, lavender needs to be watered often to remain healthy. You can even include some lavender scented toiletries to make your gift more unique and profound.

4. Roses

While a bunch of roses could be a conventional gift, what of a real rose plant? Whether you select a pink, yellow, white or red rose, your friend will surely find your gift lovely and thoughtful; you can look for fascinating pots, like wicker baskets or watering can, for holding them in. Typically, rose plants are put in a big box when they are delivered to your friend’s home or any other intended recipient; this is done to avoid any form of damage to the roses.

5. Bamboo

Do you have a friend or loved one that recently moved into a new home and you are wondering what gift is the best for them? A bamboo tree or plant is a great present for this occasion. Bamboo is known to bring love, peace, and luck to any house or property in which they are put. Also, you would love the fact that they are sturdy, so they can be smoothly delivered through a courier service. Bamboo requires minimal maintenance. One only needs to put them in a window to make sure that they get sufficient water as well as sunlight regularly.