Without a doubt gardening can produce some of the most satisfying moments in your life. It is very relaxing and rewarding to see something that you planted grow and flourish and it can also add something beautiful to the inside or outside space that you have. Not everyone is blessed to have a large garden but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the many varieties of plants that are available to grow in a small space all year round. With a little imagination you can achieve a great addition to any small space with the inclusion of some of the following suggested plants. It is a good idea to pay attention also to the pots all vessels that you use to put these plants in or maybe planters that you use outdoors and the arrangement of these, which can add greatly to the overall aesthetic.

Starting really small you may consider using air plants. These plants will grow anywhere but they do prefer bright but indirect light. They will require soaking in water for about 10 minutes once a week but after that the maintenance is really low. As the name suggests they really survive by drawing nutrients from the air and thus require no soil. Therefore you can have a lot of fun placing these plants on attractive and unusual surfaces, fences, trelliswork or inside in creative holders. Although these plants can grow to quite a size they are slow growing so will make a good addition to your inside decor and can then transition outside at a later date. Similarly Paddle Plants are an attractive, small easy to care for plant. The unusual shaped leaves that give this plant it’s name remain green with an attractive red edge. And requires little maintenance so it’s ideal for the indoors. Just be sure to water when the top 2 inches of the soil are dry and put some where it can receive full or partial sunlight.

If your space is small but you do have height and would like something to fill that area Rubber plants make excellent indoor potted plants for dramatic effect. Their shiny, green leaves are particularly attractive and require some maintenance by way of cleaning but otherwise are fairly self-sufficient. Like many of the plants good for small spaces they require  bright indirect sunlight and should only be watered when the soil is dry. Rubber plants are also especially good indoors because they are one of the best at cleaning the air! Ferns of any kind but particularly the Asparagus Fern make really good indoor or outdoor plants for small spaces. Spider plants too with their variegated leaves are an attractive addition to an indoor arrangement or a patio potted plant area outdoors. It’s  good to be mindful of different shapes and sizes within a small space so the addition of a Fiddle Leaf Fig, either potted or in the ground outdoors, can add a dramatic shape because of the leaves and some attractive height to any grouping of your plants. Snake Plants also add an interesting shape with long ,thin variegated leaves rising out of the base of the plant almost like flames.

If your taste liens towards a more colorful palette don’t forget that roses can make a colorful addition to even a small patio space and something like a Clematis that will climb on trellis or a wall can be really useful when your outdoor space is very limited. Pansies,Violets and Primula are also really colorful and great for ground cover. Even Hydrangeas can be used in small spaces especially if they are potted and not directly in the ground. Finally don’t forget that many herbs are especially attractive and smell delicious as well as being extremely useful if you like to use fresh herbs in your cooking. All in all there are many options for the gardener who only has either a small outdoor space or perhaps none, but would like to have some real plants indoors. The best way to be successful is to do some research, check out your needs in terms of maintenance and climate and then talk to an expert at your local nursery where you will see that you have an abundance of choice!