There is no special place to buy a plant especially flowers. With the rate of plant production standards in our world today, you can easily get a high-quality flower without much stress. The only issue might be the prize range, but this is not really an issue if the quality is guaranteed. Are you looking to buy a flower? Here is a list of where you can check for quality plants.


This is a good place to buy a plant if you have little or no experience with flowers supermarkets usually sticks to tested and trusted varieties in other to continuously please their customers. But if you are looking to explore more options, then you might find supermarkets boring because their stocks are the usual regular flowers. The prices are always moderate but can be pocket boggling in high-end super marts. It is always better to get your plants from a florist and support their craft.

Florist Shops

The best place to get your plants and flowers is from a florist shop. There are always open (at least six times a week), offer home delivery and can come up with style or design you desire. If you are looking for a special flower then it’s better you give them an early notice, but usually, 24 hours is enough to get your order ready for delivery. Florists’ shops are usually staffed with professionally trained florists who can brilliantly design your flowers and know exactly the right techniques to ensure they last longer. However, not all florists’ shops are great, there are some bad ones with a very poor collection of flowers and customer services, but on an average, there is a great number of quality florist shops.

Streets Stalls

Streets Stalls

Streets Stalls

Flowers and plants are now common in street stalls and local shops. Most local farmers who are passionate about horticulture but cannot afford a standard retail outlet now resort to street stalls and local cubicles for business. Even florists who want to taste the waters in an area open a street stall first and offer full services from their before relocating to better space if the business is good. The advantage of-of street stalls are that they are handy reachable and sometimes cheap.

Kitchen Sinkers

Well, almost everyone had a small beginning and most florists started off their business from their home before moving into a shop or stall. Kitchen sinkers are florists who have started off the business from their home and still get commissions and bookings in their home. However, you should be aware of very bad kitchen stinkers who have little or no knowledge about plants and flowers. They buy their stock from supermarkets, watch a couple of Youtube videos and set a business at home. This kind of florists let their customers down when faced with difficult task or design. There are genuinely talented florists who work from home, so do not be deterred to try them out.

Studio Florist

These are usually fully trained florists who do not want to bear the cost and responsibility of running a full florist shop. They work from a studio and offer the same services as florists. You can check them out if you want a florist who will devote to your job.