When buying a gardening tool, you actually receive what you pay for. Hence, it is better you go for quality garden equipment so that you can use it for many decades. However, if you purchase cheap tools, you will have to replace them soon and many times. Read on to know crucial gardening tools and the things to look out for in them.

Features to Focus on When Buying Gardening Tools

If you are looking to buy a garden tool, the first thing you need to check is the handles. They are quite important; ensure that you check their durability and comfort levels. This measure is necessary to prevent the occurrence of blisters every time you utilize the tools and to make sure that the tools are long-lasting. The best gardening tools are those that come with handles which can be held comfortably, particularly if you hold them in a strong grip. You should note that a handle that has been designed as part of the tool shaft is of greater quality than the type separately added. If you bought a tool with the separate shaft and handle, ensure that every one of the screws is complete and that they are secured firmly. Also, don’t forget to see to it that the fork or spade has the fitting size for you. You can do check this by putting the gardening tool on the ground. The top part of the tool handle has to reach your elbow.

5 Important Gardening Tools to Buy

1. Garden Hoe

This tool is useful for many activities in your garden. Some of these are digging small holes to plant seedlings; taking out weeds from your garden and breaking up the soil before using the fork for digging down deeper.

2. Garden Fork

Without a shred of doubt, a garden fork is a crucial tool in any garden. There are 2 types of garden forks: there is the cottage fork, which is the smaller kind, and the larger digging fork. Forks, regardless of their sizes, are used to get right down into the soil. The digging fork, which is larger, can reach a depth of ten inches at least and is useful in turning the sods over before the planting starts. It also has other uses.

3. Garden Spade

It is pertinent to note that here; we are not referring to heart-shape bladed and long-handled shovels but square-bladed and short-handled spades. Spades are used in getting the straight edges on garden beds, are used to cut open bags of potting soil and are used to chop back grass.

4. Garden Rake

Garden Rake

Garden Rake

You have to purchase two kinds of rakes. The first type is a garden or landscape rake that is utilized to level soil when making new flower beds or new vegetable gardens. The second type, a lawn or leaf rake, is employed to gather up the leaves that dropped during fall for composting. It is also used to make lawn or mold clippings.

5. Secateurs or Pruning Shears

This is the last garden tool that will be looked at in this write-up. Also known as secateurs, pruning shears are used to prune all shrubs, fruit trees and roses in a garden.