Plants Worth Picking for Newcomers

So, you think it’s a good idea to get a new house plant – great, except when you think of any past experience you have in looking after them things haven’t gone particularly smoothly. If every bunch of flowers you’ve been given dies the next day, every potted plant on your windowsill has gotten the inevitable drop of death and practically anything you get given that is green turns brown then black in a blink, it stands to reason you aren’t great with plants. But fear not, luckily there are options out there for folk who have the opposite of green thumbs because in reality some plants require a lot more care than others. If you still want to spruce up your living areas with some nature, clean your air a little and bring some outside in it’s still possible, just try these ones out instead.

Spider Plant

Just like that fellow in the huge cobweb at the corner of your shed, these guys are in it for the long run. Known for being hardy and easy to care for, the spider plant is a great indoor plant that looks great and improves your air quality. These resistant narrow leaved wonders grow outward and upward which can make them a great feature point in any room. As far as making sure they stay alive in your room all you really have to do is keep their soil moist.

English Ivy

You’ve probably seen the clustered green and white of this plant before with their leaves that are shaped like sitting frogs. These plants look great in the right place as their thin stems cause their fanciful leaves to sprawl downwards over surfaces. Because these look fairly impressive you can trick your friends into thinking you’ve become some sort of plant master overnight. Really though all you’ll need to do is make sure you keep it on the cooler side and keep the soil damp.


With a name that sounds exactly like a cockney greeting, this plant is basically calling you to come take it off the shelves. Aloes are succulents, a type of plant that typically has thick fleshy leaves that store water, what this translates to is a plant for absolute amateurs. Succulents have their own water storage which means the one thing most other plants demand from you frequently, topping up their fluids, isn’t required anywhere near as often with these winners. Just keep them warm and give them some sunlight, water them infrequently.

Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Another succulent! Once again, less watering and more enjoying a plant you haven’t sent to the underworld in less than a week. These plants look quite fun, they don’t have the big wide stance of a spider plant but instead can be quite a modest and understated little number. With very rich green leaves that are often tinged with a dash of red, the thing about these plants is that they almost look fake. Their leaves are so bold and pristine that they can imitate the plastic counterparts you might see, yet they are genuine, easy and enduring plants you should add to your house.