Easy Houseplants to Keep

Plants Worth Picking for Newcomers So, you think it’s a good idea to get a new house plant – great, except when you think of any past experience you have in looking after them things haven’t gone particularly smoothly. If every bunch of flowers you’ve been given dies the next day, every potted plant on […]

Corpse Flower

Plants You Don’t Want in Your Collection

Weird and Nasty Breeds in the Plant Kingdom Plants are often associated with beauty, new life and pleasant times, which makes sense. Sprouting as the days get warmer, filling our gardens and houses with colour and providing us with tasty sweet fruit are all things that we commonly relate to the plants we know and […]

Pitcher Plant

Top 3 Carnivorous Plants

Plants can sometimes be a little alien to us. These living creatures often need little more care than a quick watering or an infrequent spray, and yet sat in a pot of shallow soil these green things seem to thrive. With so many needs ourselves and with food being a constant one throughout our day, […]

Diagnosis of Clivia Poisoning in Pets

How Toxic are Clivia Plants – Part 2

As plants go clivia is pretty toxic and poisonous, in fact tending them you should always wear gloves. But as with everything there are levels of toxicity and clivia plants pose no real danger to humans apart from eye and skin irritation. The poison in question that is contained in clivia plants is alkaloid lycorine, […]

The Garden Clinic

Interesting Facts About the Clivia Plant – Part 1

The clivia plant is one of the favorite houseplants in the world, as it is relatively easy to look after but produces some spectacular flowers along with its stunning evergreen leaves. It is native to South Africa as the relatively mild climate is perfect for growing the plant. Here are some interesting facts that you […]

Clivia Miniata

How to Grow a Clivia Plant – Part 2

Sometimes known as a kafir-lily, the clivia is one of the most beautiful houseplants that you can grow. The leaves are heavily textured, almost strap-like, and the smooth petals come in amazing colors ranging from bright yellow to brick red and everything in between. Surprisingly these exotic plants are relatively easy to grow if you […]

Propagating Clivias from seed

How to Grow a Clivia Plant – Part 1

Clivia plants are highly popular by plant lovers for several reasons. They are brightly colored and the lily or trumpet shaped blooms are large and can be up to two or three inches in size. The flowers are gathered together in a dense cluster which make superb posies and displays etc. Clivia’s bloom in the […]

Plants to Give for a Gift

Plants to Give for a Gift

1. Amaryllis When it comes to planting gifts, amaryllis is an amazing choice. It is one of those plants that flourish indoors during winter and truly grows in the cold! Typically, amaryllis is offered for sale as a bulb put in a decorative container. The joy of this practice is that you can watch it […]

Organic Fertilizers

The Right Soil for Your Garden

You have made your findings and are convinced that organic gardening is your best choice. Are you now wondering what will be the next step once your mind is made up to start digging and growing? The starting point is choosing the right soil for your garden. Preparation of the Soil To develop an organic […]