More Reasons You Should Add These To Your Home

You may think that houseplants are a great addition to your house for just aesthetic reasons. Of course, adding a little bit of living green does make a place look more homely and can make a great burst of colour for places that are full neutral colours. What you may not know is that by adding some more of these to your rooms may benefit you in several more subtle ways. I you were hesitating over adding a little outdoors to your indoors maybe these bonuses will convince you.

Boost Your Mood

Sure, just having an area of your house looking good may give you a little nudge into positivity, but houseplants do much more than that. By having a piece of nature inside, the closed proximity is shown to make you feel more relaxed, thus negating some background stress that you would have to venture outdoors to remove otherwise. As if this subconscious lift wasn’t enough, potted plants have been shown to make you feel better thanks to a microbe that lives in the soil. Even better by adding these little wonders to your own indoor habitat they purify the air and get rid of toxins floating about which can tire you out and make you sick.

Boost Your Brain

One widely known benefit of having houseplants is that by having them in your home you are immedietly boosting the oxygen indoors. Some plants are better than others at kicking out the good stuff, but no matter what you add your flow of fresh air will be superior. Thanks to this increase your body can take advantage of this by soaking up more quality air, this additional oxygen can be used by your brain to increase your concentration and keep you more alert for longer. Offices with more plant-life have been shown to be more productive than those without, simply seeing the true colours of nature is thought to give us creative kick too.

Learn Patience

Whether you are trying to grow something huge from something small or maybe you’ve put a seed in the soil and are waiting on something to sprout, no matter what you grow on your windowsill you need to take it slow. Unlike the fast paced and frankly stress inducing speed at which we live regularly, taking care of a plant reminds us that not everything happens overnight. Adjusting to this is great for our minds, makes us appreciate the smaller things and makes us less irritable overall.

Feel Connected

Houseplants are not like ornaments; they take some care to keep them flourishing. Because of this many people feel a sense of purpose that they may have lacked before, knowing that you are responsible for a living creature can be a precursor to having children and lights up some very primal parts of our brain. Not only does care drive us, it also puts into perspective that we live in a shared ecosystem where cooperation is key to overall survival. The seemingly simple act of watering these little green shoots can really put yourself and our species in perspective.