Month: November 2017

Three Simple Steps to Create a Beautiful Bouquet

Every flower has a distinct characteristic – its own colour, scent, and form. Combining flowers to create a bouquet has severally been likened to the process of gathering people together for an event or occasion. Some people seamlessly blend together why others won’t just mix no matter how you try. So, if you…

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Five Places You Can Buy a Plant Near You

There is no special place to buy a plant especially flowers. With the rate of plant production standards in our world today, you can easily get a high-quality flower without much stress. The only issue might be the prize range, but this is not really an issue if the quality is guaranteed. Are…

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All About the Clivia Plant

Clivia flowers are very nice species of flower. The plant serves as a houseplant with very health buds and blooms when grown inside and gives off a radiant dominant bloom when groomed outside. If you are looking to grow a plant this winter, you can consider growing a clivia plant as an alternative…

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