Gardening is one of the most enjoyable, healthy, and rewarding hobbies on the planet. It brings so many positives along with it that many people might not think about. For many gardeners, gardening is a way of life. It is their passion and allows them to escape from all of life’s demands and create their own sacred place. There are many great benefits to gardening and here are the top 10 reasons why people love gardening.

Good for the mind

Gardening has been said to be very beneficial to mental health by helping with anxiety and depression. It offers a therapeutic and natural experience that you really can’t find with anything else. There is nothing stressful about gardening. In fact, t is a very peaceful and calming hobby, and has a very positive effect on the mind. Gardening allows you to relax and let go of all of life’s worries and demands. It also allows you to escape from other people and tap into the carefree part of yourself that everyone has. If you are struggling with depression, worrying more, and feeling anxious, it’s a good idea to try your hand at a green thumb.

Good for physical health

Gardening most certainly requires physical effort. The up and down, back and forth, constantly moving your body can be very beneficial to your physical health and well-being. The amount of calories that you can burn when doing the strenuous activities of digging and weeding that are required in gardening. These daily movements can help you stay fit and even lose weight. Many health institutes are huge advocates of gardening and recommended it as a lifestyle tip for anyone battling health issues and needing to get some exercise in.

Create your own space

Gardening gives you the chance to completely design and create your own space. It is not often that you have sole control over a space that is truly your own, but you have that with gardening. Many people love to create hidden retreats or sanctuaries for relaxing in their backyards. With the right gardening tools, some plants, and some new patio furniture, you could create a magical space for you to hideaway in. You could always choose to share your creation with friends and family or you can keep it all to yourself, it’s up to you.

Great pastime

Many people have different things they like to do to pass time. For example, I really enjoy visiting museums and playing really cool games online at Giant Bomb and Pokerstarscasino. There is nothing that I enjoy more, and many people feel that way about gardening. There is nothing that they enjoy more. Gardening is a great pastime because it gives you something to do. You spend your time planting new seeds and caring for your already existing plants. If you need to take your mind off of something, gardening is a great way to do that. It’s unlikely you’ll spend your time thinking about what’s plaguing you if your busy tending to your garden.

Connects you with nature

Gardening really allows you to focus on something and gain a real feeling of achievement. It also brings you closer to nature. When you’re outside and spending more time in your garden, you start paying more attention to the grass, trees, and air. You even start to take notice of the little creatures running around in your garden and it allows you to appreciate nature and the wildlife around you.

Give back to nature

Everyone always talks about giving back to nature and what better way to do that than by planting wildlife-friendly trees and shrubs? These trees and shrubs help to create ecosystems to maintain a healthier environmental balance. This is something you can really feel good about doing.

Healthy foods

By growing your very own healthy, organic fruits and vegetables, you know exactly what has gone into them and you don’t have to worry about commercially-grown or pre-packaged produce. You save money by growing your own healthy foods and you also get a variety by planting your own fresh foods.

Can help build relationships

Building a garden together with someone you care about such as friends, family, or a spouse can really help to grow your relationship with that person. It allows you to learn about each other every step of the way. Gardening has been proven to be a great tool for socializing and bonding with people.

Provides excellent gifts

Provides excellent gifts

Provides excellent gifts

Gardening allows you to give great gifts. Sure, store-bought flowers and plants are nice, but when you give someone fruit, vegetables, or flowers that you’ve home-grown, it’s much more special and the person really appreciates the fact that you’ve planted and nurtured the gift yourself.


Looking after plants gives a sense of responsibility and it is so satisfying to see something that you’ve birthed. Gardening allows you to be a nurturer and when you plant those seeds and they grow by becoming bigger and healthier, it is truly a rewarding feeling. It’s so satisfying to see your accomplishments and there’s no better way to get that feeling than by gardening.