Corpse Flower

Plants You Don’t Want in Your Collection

Weird and Nasty Breeds in the Plant Kingdom Plants are often associated with beauty, new life and pleasant times, which makes sense. Sprouting as the days get warmer, filling our gardens and houses with colour and providing us with tasty sweet fruit are all things that we commonly relate to the plants we know and […]

Pitcher Plant

Top 3 Carnivorous Plants

Plants can sometimes be a little alien to us. These living creatures often need little more care than a quick watering or an infrequent spray, and yet sat in a pot of shallow soil these green things seem to thrive. With so many needs ourselves and with food being a constant one throughout our day, […]

Plants to Give for a Gift

Plants to Give for a Gift

1. Amaryllis When it comes to planting gifts, amaryllis is an amazing choice. It is one of those plants that flourish indoors during winter and truly grows in the cold! Typically, amaryllis is offered for sale as a bulb put in a decorative container. The joy of this practice is that you can watch it […]

Organic Fertilizers

The Right Soil for Your Garden

You have made your findings and are convinced that organic gardening is your best choice. Are you now wondering what will be the next step once your mind is made up to start digging and growing? The starting point is choosing the right soil for your garden. Preparation of the Soil To develop an organic […]

Essential Gardening Tools

Essential Gardening Tools

When buying a gardening tool, you actually receive what you pay for. Hence, it is better you go for quality garden equipment so that you can use it for many decades. However, if you purchase cheap tools, you will have to replace them soon and many times. Read on to know crucial gardening tools and […]

Euphorbia milii

The Best succulents for your Home Garden

Succulents are always perfect to give a very nice decorative touch to garden or home. With large stems, succulent leaves and thick roots, they form a very dynamic group of plants offering easy maintenance options for garden lovers who find it hard to be consistent with things. Succulents often come in various color, and you […]


Plants For All Seasons In Small Spaces

Without a doubt gardening can produce some of the most satisfying moments in your life. It is very relaxing and rewarding to see something that you planted grow and flourish and it can also add something beautiful to the inside or outside space that you have. Not everyone is blessed to have a large garden […]


How To Choose Plants For The Small Garden

The desire to have a garden does not need to be confined to only those folks fortunate to have plenty of outdoor space with their home. In fact for the novice gardener a small space can seem less daunting and for the more experienced one a good challenge! So either way it’s a positive scenario […]


The Best Plants for Patios

A patio is an outdoor space primarily used for recreation or dining; it usually adjoins a resident and is typically paved. Patios are also extended to include roofed structures that are quite close to pergola that protects against sun and rain. Getting the perfect plants for Patios could be quite demanding you have to know […]


The Best Indoor Plants

Growing plants indoors is relatively easy compared to having an outdoor garden but just as much fun. Not only helps in keeping the environment around them clean, but they also act as a natural home décor. If they are well placed, they not only brighten the space around them, they also purify the air making […]